Used skis

Used skis are cheaper than brand-new skis, but do keep in mind that these are already used and, obviously, will not offer the best functionality as a new one would (offer).

Ski boards and equipments (bindings, ski gears) are very expensive, ranging from $600-$1000, and sometimes even more. Ski shoes and clothes are not included, and are priced quite hefty too, usually priced at $250 and up. Customization of the board is optional, but if you wish to add flair to your board, you should be ready to pay for it.

Skiing is a really expensive hobby, with skiers usually spending thousands of dollars for a set of skis. If you want to cut down the expenses, you can purchase used snow skis. These used skis are usually sold at half or a third of the original board price, and are available on online shops, such as Evo, or at your local hobby stores.

However, purchasing used skis is not really recommended, as skiers who have used those skis have already worn the board out, meaning the board might not function as intended. You can opt to purchase new ski packages instead, which includes all the needed equipments for skiing, and purchasing a ski package is usually cheaper than purchasing each gear separately.

But it you really intend to purchase a used ski, please check the following guidelines first:

Camber - Always check the bowing of skis in the centre. This part is the camber, and there should be at least 1 cm of camber, otherwise it has been flattened out of them with use and not suitable for purchase.

Bent or Twisted - When you have the skis aligned base to base, as above with the camber check, look for irregularities throughout each skis’ length that might indicate permanent bend or twist. A permanent bend / twist in the board’s base will greatly deter the board’s performance, and might cause accidents when used.

Additional Binding Holes - Check the ski topsheet in the binding area for additional “used” binding mounting holes. This is a good indication of how well used a ski might be.

Base & Edge Damage - You should not purchase the board if either base or edge (or both) are damaged, as this parts greatly affect the balance and power transfer (from your boots to the bindings, and bindings to the boards). A board should not be purchased if it has damaged base, as it is good as broken.

Brand Name - Brand names are usually overlooked, but brand names usually dictate the usefulness of the ski. Rossignol, Volkl, and Salomon are among the best manufacturers of ski boards, and are known for the durability of their boards.

If the board you wish to purchase meets the requirements mentioned above, then it is a good purchase, and you’re almost ready for your skiing adventures. However, you still need to buy other equipments and gears, such as clothing and boots. These equipments can also be bought on online shops and hobby stores within your vicinity.

Used skis are to save you from hundreds of dollars you might spend on buying new ski equipments. But if you really want to have the best skiing experience, you should really save and opt for a new ski package. Not only is it safe from damages, it also assures you the best skiing experience you deserve.

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